Episode 61 – Get Out / Fantasy Movie League Awards

Episode 61 – Get Out / Fantasy Movie League Awards
War Starts at Midnight

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or: Hooray for the TSA

Grab your teacups and prepare to sink into your chairs as The Dudes discuss Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out! Will this thriller make you stay woke, or is it just an overhyped snooze fest? PLUS – Jacob’s  micro-review of Logan, Chris’s killer beer pairing, and a truckload of FML Golden Warrior Awards!

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00:05:51 – Review – Get Out
00:20:30 – SPOILERS – Get Out
00:33:01 – Beer Recommendation: Big RICC by Tallgrass Brewing Company
“Keep it Low – Generationals
00:37:03 – Fantasy Movie League Awards
“Turning The Screw” – Generationals
00:50:38 – Really Rad Recommendations


Jacob  – Hot Fuzz
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Eyes Without a Face
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Chris – Atlanta
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Generationals | Buy: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play


  • DIRECTOR: Jordan Peele
  • WRITERS: Jordan Peele
  • CAST: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, LilRel Howery
  • GENRE: Horror
  • RUNTIME: 103
  • YEAR: 2017