Episode 13 – Batman Begins 10th Anniversary / The Dark Knight Legacy

Episode 13 – Batman Begins 10th Anniversary / The Dark Knight Legacy
War Starts at Midnight

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or: Bruce Wayne is just Going Through a “Batman Phase”

 Hunter and Chris are joined by guest Batman scholar and shameless fanboy Joseph “Joe Kerr” Dale  to mark the 10th Anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. In a wide-ranging Special Features, the Dudes discuss The Dark Knight Legacy, covering Batman in cinema, as well as the realistic reboot culture ushered in by Nolan’s film. PLUS, the hubristic Hunter finally faces his fate for falsely prophesying Mad Max: Fury Road‘s box office performance. Cheers!

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00:04:03 –  Summer Shandy Shaming Part I
00:05:36 – Review – Batman Begins
00:47:36 – Beer Recommendation: Curmudgeon Old Ale – Founders Brewing Co.
“Ain’t No Grave” – Smokey & The Mirror
00:51:08 –  Summer Shandy Shaming Part II
00:55:47 – Special Features – The Dark Knight Legacy
“All Time High” – Smokey & The Mirror
01:21:54 – Really Rad Recommendations

Joey – Walk the Line
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Hunter – Dinotasia
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Chris – Batman: The Animated Series
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01:28:56 –  Summer Shandy Shaming Part III


This week’s featured music is from the new album, Thin Black Line, by Smokey & The Mirror.
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I’ve been listening to this nonstop for the past couple weeks, and cannot recommend it enough. No hyperbole, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. Give it a spin! – Chris



  • While it is true George purchased Jon Voight’s car (or rather John Voight’s car) in Seinfeld, Jerry mentions Liam Neeson when arguing with George about the validity of the the car’s former owner. Watch the full episode, The Mom and Pop Store, on Hulu. The exchange occurs around six minutes into the episode.


  • DIRECTOR: Christopher Nolan
  • WRITERS: Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer
  • CAST: Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Tom Wilkinson
  • GENRE: Action / Comic Book Movie
  • RUNTIME: 140 min.
  • YEAR: 2005