Episode 68 – War Crimes: Civil War: Alien vs. Aliens: Part I
Civil War

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or: I Punched my Man Card and My Film Card Today

In Part I of this very special War Crimes (colon) Civil War episode, the Dudes review two sci-fi essentials – Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens!  Marvel as three grown men extrapolate on xenomorphs, space marines and more like the unapologetic fanboys that they are. Also, marvel that somehow Jake lived more than a quarter of a century without seeing either of these movies (…smh). Which one of these essential flicks is essentialier? Stay tuned for Part II to find out! *PLUS* Chris and Jake take a break from new releases to discuss their newest adventure – examining the career of John Carpenter in The Carpenter Shop. It’s gonna’ be Big Trouble In Little Tulsa!

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00:07:16 – Review (Spoilers) – Alien
00:32:03 – Review (Spoilers) – Aliens
01:00:39 – Beer Pairing: Terpy Citra Double IPA by American Solera
“Step Brother City” – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

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