Episode 66 – Rio Bravo
War Crimes

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or: Oh, peaches!

Collider.com’s Adam Chitwood joins Chris & Jacob in the War Bunker for a War Crime review of Rio Bravo. Does the star power and comradery of John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, and Angie Dickinson hold up after more than 50 years? …Or should this be locked up in the back of the jailhouse and accidentally shot? *PLUS* Chris pairs the film with a beer that’s sweet, but Manly, we read some listener (hate) mail, and Jacob recaps Week 09 of the Fantasy Movie League Spring season.

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00:10:27 – Review – Rio Bravo
00:56:02 – Beer Recommendation: Manly by 405 Brewing Company
“Ain’t No Grave” – Smokey & The Mirror
01:01:07 – Listener (Hate) Mail
01:04:42 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 09
“All Time High” – Smokey & The Mirror
01:13:24 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 52 – Arrival / Favorite Criterion Collection Films
War Starts at Midnight

00:00 / 1:43:15

or: Jeremy Renner is the Hawkeye of Actors

Jacob and Chris try to find the language to discuss Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. Can you understand what Jeremy Renner is doing in this cerebral sci-fi flick, or do you need Amy Adams’ Louise to communicate it to you? Then, find out what films are the cream of the crop as the dudes list their favorite films from the Criterion Collection just in time for the annual B&N sale! PLUS we recap the dominance of Hacksaw Ridge in Week 11 for our Fantasy Movie League roundup.

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00:12:56 – Review – Arrival
00:14:46 – SPOILERS – Arrival
00:40:43 – Beer Recommendation: Lava Lake Wit by Crazy Mountain Brewing Company
“Particular Moment in Time” – Smokey & The Mirror
00:44:45 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 11
00:53:03 – Special Features – Favorite Criterion Collection Films
“Detroit Snow” -Smokey & The Mirror
01:35:16 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 13 – Batman Begins 10th Anniversary / The Dark Knight Legacy
War Starts at Midnight

00:00 / 1:35:36

or: Bruce Wayne is just Going Through a “Batman Phase”

 Hunter and Chris are joined by guest Batman scholar and shameless fanboy Joseph “Joe Kerr” Dale  to mark the 10th Anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. In a wide-ranging Special Features, the Dudes discuss The Dark Knight Legacy, covering Batman in cinema, as well as the realistic reboot culture ushered in by Nolan’s film. PLUS, the hubristic Hunter finally faces his fate for falsely prophesying Mad Max: Fury Road‘s box office performance. Cheers!

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00:04:03 –  Summer Shandy Shaming Part I
00:05:36 – Review – Batman Begins
00:47:36 – Beer Recommendation: Curmudgeon Old Ale – Founders Brewing Co.
“Ain’t No Grave” – Smokey & The Mirror
00:51:08 –  Summer Shandy Shaming Part II
00:55:47 – Special Features – The Dark Knight Legacy
“All Time High” – Smokey & The Mirror
01:21:54 – Really Rad Recommendations

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