Christine • TCS-006
The Carpenter Shop

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or: This is the Creepiest Buddy Holly has been Since He was Played by Gary Busey

Buckle up! The Dudes kick this episode into high gear to discuss John Carpenter’s 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a ravenous roadster with a motive for murder. Yup! We’re talking about that candy apple red 1953 Plymouth Fury, Christine, and you better watch what you say, cause she’s real sensitive.


00:10:06 – Review – Christine
01:17:07 – Beer Pairing: Shiner Oktoberfest by Spoetzl Brewery
“Makin’ Excuses” – Mister Heavenly
01:24:26 – Fantasy Movie League Preview – Week 08
“Crazy Love, Vol. III” – Mister Heavenly
01:37:50 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 57 – Westworld
War Crimes

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or: Michael Crichton Predicted the Gameboy Camera

The Three Amigos discuss Michael Crichton’s directorial debut, Westworld. PLUS – The Week 06 Fantasy Movie League recap & Chris theorizes that the first film completely written and produced by Artificial Intelligence may be closer than we think.

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00:01:45 – Review – Westworld
00:10:12 – SPOILERS – Westworld
00:23:04 – Beer Recommendation: Shiner Bock by Spoetzl Brewery
“All Chorus” – Reubens Accomplice
00:26:40 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 06
“Life is Easy” – Reubens Accomplice
00:35:35 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 12 – Jurassic World / Should Sequels Have Different Directors?
War Starts at Midnight

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or: If You Can Train a Falcon, You Can Train a Raptor

 Chris and Hunter get geeky (no really, it’s scary) in their review of the blockbuster franchise revival, Jurassic World, and Chris sustains his spree of summer beer selections for you to sip in the cinema. In Special Features, the dudes debate the resolution – “Should Sequels Have New Directors?” Listen in awe as Hunter nerds out on dino-knowledge, Mad Max sings cowboy tunes, and Chris reveals his secret affinity for The Land Before Time series.

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00:08:25 – Review – Jurassic World
00:29:16 – SPOILERS – Jurassic World
00:42:36 – Beer Recommendation: Shiner Ruby Redbird – Spoetzl Brewery
00:46:02 – Listener Feedback
00:49:41 – Special Features – Should Sequels Have Different Directors?
01:05:51 – Really Rad Recommendations

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