The Thing • TCS-001
The Carpenter Shop

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or: Can I Borrow Your Flamethrower?

To celebrate the launch of our new limited series, The Carpenter Shop, we’re re-broadcasting our special Halloween 2016 review of John Carpenter’s The Thing. Do The Dudes see the humanity in this film, or is it as cold and alien as a creepy crawly head-spider? Grab a flamethrower and handful of dynamite, because there’s a 75% chance at least one of us has been infected by the intruder organism!


00:00:47 – Review – The Thing
00:05:18 – SPOILERS –The Thing
00:31:48 – Beer Recommendation: Ogletoberfest by Anthem Brewing Company
“Someone You’d Rather Be Dating” – Sports
00:34:42 – Really Rad Recommendations

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