Prince of Darkness • TCS-002
The Carpenter Shop

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or: Stop Trying to make ‘P.o.D’ Happen!

The Dudes descend to the seventh layer of the cinema to review Prince of Darkness! Is the second film in John Carpenter’s “Apocalypse Trilogy” a heck of a good time – or does it deserve to stay buried in the bowels of movie hell (a.k.a. the $5 bin at Walmart)? *PLUS* Chris picks up a sour blonde…we’re talking about beer, BTW.

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00:01:08 – What is The Carpenter Shop?
00:05:51 – Review – Prince of Darkness
00:22:28 – SPOILERS – Prince of Darkness
00:39:57- Beer Pairing: Mariposa Sour Ale by Almanac Beer Company
“Ghoul School” – Dragon Inn 3
00:44:20 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Summer Week 07
“Up in the Business” – Dragon Inn 3
00:54:15 – Really Rad Recommendations

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