Episode 65 – Five Came Back
War Starts at Midnight

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or: Overweight Tuscan Raiders Covered in Cheese Snacks

Three showed up for Five Came Back – the new Netflix documentary about John Ford, Frank Capra, John Huston, George Stevens, and William Wyler’s service in World War II. Is this epic, three-part documentary among the few and the proud? Or is it ultimately unworthy of the famous and heroic filmmakers? *PLUS* The Dudes discuss the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, Chris picks a bitter breakfast stout brewed for the chosen few, and Jake gives a week 7 FML recap and tries out his best Dan Carlin impersonation (spoiler – it’s terrible)! Forward march!

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00:12:11 – Review – Five Came Back
00:52:39 – Beer Recommendation: KBS (2017) by Founders Brewing Co.
“Back in Town” – Beau Jennings & The Tigers
01:00:35 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 07
“Lawn & Garden – Beau Jennings & The Tigers
01:13:54 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Each Tuesday Hunter highlights the best classic films airing in the coming week on TCM.

So I was reviewing TCM’s schedule this week, and all of the movies that spoke to me were directed by John Huston. And then John Huston (well, his ghost) would probably backhand me for saying “spoke to me” like some hippie, then sip straight whisky, shoot an elephant, and father a bunch of children.

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