Escape From New York / L.A. • TCS-009
The Carpenter Shop

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or: Ernest Borgnine Looks Like a Puppet from ‘Lazy Town’

The year is 2018. The once vibrant and promising frontier known as The Information Superhighway is now a cesspool of hate and division. Two disgraced podcasters are must venture into the depths of this World Wide Web and recover a Microsoft Zune containing a long-form discussion of John Carpenter’s seminal dystopian classic from 1981, Escape from New York …and its less-revered sequel from 1996, Escape From L.A.


00:09:52 – Review – Escape From New York
00:42:08 – Review – Escape From L.A.
01:19:35 – Beer Pairing: Dreamcrusher Double IPA by Deep Ellum Brewing Company
“Bad Without You” – Escondido
01:23:14 – Really Rad Recommendations

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