In the Mouth of Madness • TCS-003
The Carpenter Shop

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or: Never Trust a Geriatric Youngster Riding a Bicycle

The Dudes critique Carpenter’s cosmic horror flick In The Mouth of Madness!  Does the trio get turnt over Carpenter’s insane spectacle? Is the final film in the “Apocalypse Trilogy” a Lovecraftian let-down? Does it even matter what we thought because none of us actually exist and reality is a cruel illusion and we’re all just tiny mites on Cthulhu’s tentacled big toe…find out! *PLUS* Chris continues The Summer of Sours with a crazy complex ale that will either seduce your senses or drive your taste buds completely cuckoo.

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00:04:52 – Review – In the Mouth of Madness
00:12:25 – SPOILERS – In the Mouth of Madness
00:45:21 – Beer Pairing: Wild Sour Series: Flanders Red by DESTIHL Brewery
“Crime” – Sports
00:49:55 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 11
“You Are the Right One” – Sports
01:04:57 – Really Rad Recommendations

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