In the Mouth of Madness • TCS-003
The Carpenter Shop

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or: Never Trust a Geriatric Youngster Riding a Bicycle

The Dudes critique Carpenter’s cosmic horror flick In The Mouth of Madness!  Does the trio get turnt over Carpenter’s insane spectacle? Is the final film in the “Apocalypse Trilogy” a Lovecraftian let-down? Does it even matter what we thought because none of us actually exist and reality is a cruel illusion and we’re all just tiny mites on Cthulhu’s tentacled big toe…find out! *PLUS* Chris continues The Summer of Sours with a crazy complex ale that will either seduce your senses or drive your taste buds completely cuckoo.

Love(craft) The Carpenter Shop? Beam back to our mothership podcast – War Starts At Midnight!


00:04:52 – Review – In the Mouth of Madness
00:12:25 – SPOILERS – In the Mouth of Madness
00:45:21 – Beer Pairing: Wild Sour Series: Flanders Red by DESTIHL Brewery
“Crime” – Sports
00:49:55 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 11
“You Are the Right One” – Sports
01:04:57 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Each Tuesday Hunter highlights the best classic films airing in the coming week on TCM.

Perhaps my favorite decade for film was the 1950s. It bridged the Old Hollywood class of the 1930s and 1940s, with the more honest, outspoken, and organic New Hollywood of the 1960s and 1970s. These three films give a strong representation of the cinematic diversity the 1950s displayed.

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