Episode 64 – Special Features: Martin Scorsese Retrospective
Special Features Bonus Episode

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or: That Billy Zane, He Deserves an Oscar Nomination

Chris and Hunter are joined by Peterson Hill of Psycho Drive-In to discuss the career of the master in the Special Features topic: “Scrutinizing Scorsese!” In an epic, far-reaching conversation, the trio tackles traditional topics (Marty’s Best Pictures and Characters) to more…unorthodox ideas (what kind of Priest would Fr. Scorsese have been?). PLUS – Terrible impressions of Frank Costello, Bill The Butcher, and Tommy DeVito!

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00:00:43 – Special Features – Scrutinizing Scorsese

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Episode 13.5 – Bonus Batman Banter
War Starts at Midnight

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or: That was the Summer Shandy talking

Question: How do you stop three grown men from talking about Batman?
Answer: You don’t. You just hit the “record” button. Buckle up your utility belts for some Bonus Batman Banter as Chris, Hunter, and guest Batman Fanboy Joey Dale discuss the entire Batman film series. “Holy Bonus Content, Batman!”

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