Halloween • TCS-005

Halloween • TCS-005
The Carpenter Shop

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or: All the parents are goin’ away.
All the teenagers are babysittin’.
And all the former child murders are murderin’.

We’ve reached the end of an era. With this episode, we can no longer endlessly taunt Jake for one of the most shameful cinematic sins ever confessed on the War Starts at Midnight and The Carpenter Shop, because today Jake finally watched John Carpenter’s Halloween!  Listen as we analyze this indie horror juggernaut, discuss the what does (or doesn’t) make The Master of Horror a certified auteur and debate who would win in a fight to the death between R.J. MacReady and The Shape (aka Michael Myers.)


00:03:39 – Review – Halloween
Clash of the Carpenter – VOTE: Reigning Champion R.J. MacReady vs. The Shape (Michael Myers)
00:49:34 – Beer Pairing: Oktoberfest by Saint Arnold Brewing Company
“Catahoula Man” – Generationals
00:53:55 – Fantasy Movie League Recap – Week 05
“Keep it Low” – Generationals
01:10:11 – Really Rad Recommendations


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Chris – Funny Games (2007)
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  • DIRECTOR: John Carpener
  • WRITERS: John Carpener, Debra Hill
  • CAST: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, P.J. Soles, Nancy Kyes, Nick Castle, Tony Moran
  • GENRE: Horror / Slasher
  • RUNTIME: 91
  • YEAR: 1978