Episode 45 – Civil War: Stand by Me vs. The Sandlot

Episode 45 – Civil War: Stand by Me vs. The Sandlot
Civil War

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or: #DonaldForEveryone

Chris and Jacob get in the biggest pickle they’ve ever seen when they pit The Sandlot vs. Stand By Me in a head-to-head Civil War Showdown! Will the ever-quotable baseball flick live on FOR-EV-ER as the essentialiest coming of age summer film of all time? Or will River Phoenix and the legend of Lardass rally to win the pinnate? PLUS – Star Wars news abounds as a new Rogue One trailer dropped and rumors of the new Lando Calrissian leak across the galaxy.

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00:11:30 – Review – The Sandlot
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00:32:32 – Review – Stand by Me
 Crackle | Rent/Buy: iTunesAmazon, Google Play
America You Look Good – Reubens Accomplice
00:57:27 – Civil War Showdown – The Sandlot vs. Stand by Me
01:24:45 – Beer Recommendation: Puff – Double IPA by Sixpoint Brewery
This Desert – Reubens Accomplice
01:28:30 – Really Rad Recommendations


Jacob  – The Outsiders
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Chris – Liberty Heights
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Jacob & Chris  – George Washington
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Reubens Accomplice | Buy: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play



  • James Early Jones does not play a blind man in Field of Dreams