Episode 33 – Civil War: Rocky vs. Raging Bull

Episode 33 – Civil War: Rocky vs. Raging Bull
Civil War

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or: This movie makes me itchy

Hunter and Chris inaugurate the inaugural Civil War, pitting two essential films against each other to see which is essentialier! In today’s bout, the Dude’s duke it out over two pugilistic pictures considered by most to be the greatest sports movies ever made: Rocky (1976) and Raging Bull (1980). Both are contenders – but which one is the Champ? *PLUS* – The Dudes discuss Indiana Jones 5 and the Han Solo prequel in Ford Report!

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00:07:40 – Review – RockyRent: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
00:28:28 – Review – Raging BullRent: iTunes, Amazon
“Oceans” – The Format
00:43:01 – The Showdown: Rocky vs. Raging Bull
01:18:54 – Beer Recommendation: Michelob ULTRA by Anheuser-Busch
“Inches and Falling” – The Format
01:22:53 – Really Rad Recommendations


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