Episode 05 – Gone Girl / Hitchcock’s Heirs

Episode 05 – Gone Girl / Hitchcock’s Heirs
War Starts at Midnight

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or: James Cameron Sold His Soul to Satan

Chris and Hunter review David Fincher’s thrilling blockbuster Gone Girl. In Special Features, the dudes discuss Hitchcock’s Heirs – does the Master of Suspense have any directorial descendents, and if so, who are they?

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00:09:11 – Review – Gone Girl
00:25:11 – SPOILER for Gone Girl
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00:52:26 – Special Features – Hitchcock’s Heirs
01:03:12 – Really Rad Recommendations

Hunter – Mr. and Mrs. Smith
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Chris – Ace in the Hole
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  • Hitchcock’s Heirs? More like “what someone really means when they compare a film or director to Hitchcock.”

  • DIRECTOR: David Fincher
  • WRITERS: Gillian Flynn
  • CAST: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry
  • GENRE: Mystery / Triller
  • RUNTIME: 149 min.
  • YEAR: 2014