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Jurassic World  has made more money than the GDP of about 15 countries, and counting. Isla Nublar is now one of the most profitable islands in the South Pacific.

One by one, previous records have gone extinct in its wake – biggest opening weekend, biggest 2nd weekend, fastest to $100M, $200, $300, on and on.

Experts knew it would be a hit. But potentially unseating Titanic as the 2nd highest-grossing movie ever? Nobody could’ve guess. Though in hindsight, it seems so obvious.

Jurassic World is the 3rd film in the franchise to break the opening weekend record (go stand in a corner JP3). And the original was the highest grossing film ever until that record was sunk by Titanic.

People love Jurassic Park. Sure JP3 underperformed, but that was 14 years ago, and can be blamed on that stupid Spinosaurus (yes, I’m a bitter T-Rex apologist, and No, I will not apologize for it).

Jurassic World stomping Avengers: Age of Ultron to become this summer’s juggernaut can be attributed to the most powerful of blockbuster film formulas  – Nostalgia + Novelty = $$$$Continue reading

or: If You Can Train a Falcon, You Can Train a Raptor

 Chris and Hunter get geeky (no really, it’s scary) in their review of the blockbuster franchise revival, Jurassic World, and Chris sustains his spree of summer beer selections for you to sip in the cinema. In Special Features, the dudes debate the resolution – “Should Sequels Have New Directors?” Listen in awe as Hunter nerds out on dino-knowledge, Mad Max sings cowboy tunes, and Chris reveals his secret affinity for The Land Before Time series.

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00:08:25 – Review – Jurassic World
00:29:16 – SPOILERS – Jurassic World
00:42:36 – Beer Recommendation: Shiner Ruby Redbird – Spoetzl Brewery
00:46:02 – Listener Feedback
00:49:41 – Special Features – Should Sequels Have Different Directors?
01:05:51 – Really Rad Recommendations

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