They Live • TCS-012
The Carpenter Shop

00:00 / 1:03:16

or: Wait, a Pickle?!

Chris & Jacob discuss John Carpenter’s final film of the 80’s – They Live!  You don’t have to listen, but we’re giving you a choice: either put on this podcast or start eatin’ that trash can!


00:01:09 – Prince of Darkness: Revisited
00:08:36 – Review – They Live
00:50:09 – Beer Pairing: Miller High Life by Miller Brewing Company
“I Will Always Be Yours” – Ben Rector
00:55:27 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 80 – Being There
War Crimes

00:00 / 1:02:00

or: Very Subtle Hilarity Ensues

Do you like to listen?

Special guest and Fantasy Movie League royalty Phil Lucia (aka School of Rock) joins Chris & Jacob in the War Bunker to discuss a personal War Crime, Hal Ashby’s Being There.


00:03:36 – Review – Being There
00:23:57 – SPOILERS – Being There
00:45:41 – Beer Pairing: Hazelnut Brown Nectar by Rogue Ales
“Good Light” – Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors
00:49:32 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Prince of Darkness • TCS-002 (re-broadcast)
The Carpenter Shop

00:00 / 49:55

or: Stop Trying to make ‘P.o.D’ Happen!

The Dudes descend to the seventh layer of the cinema to review Prince of Darkness! Is the second film in John Carpenter’s “Apocalypse Trilogy” a heck of a good time – or does it deserve to stay buried in the bowels of movie hell (a.k.a. the $5 bin at Walmart)? *PLUS* Chris picks up a sour blonde…we’re talking about beer, BTW.


00:01:41 – Review – Prince of Darkness
00:18:22 – SPOILERS – Prince of Darkness
00:35:56- Beer Pairing: Mariposa Sour Ale by Almanac Beer Company
“Ghoul School” – Dragon Inn 3
00:39:40 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 79 – Phantom Thread (w/ guest Peterson Hill)
War Starts at Midnight

00:00 / 01:27:26

or: Adam Sandler is the Comedic Nick Cage

Jacob & Chris call on resident Paul Thomas Anderson expert, Peterson Hill, to dive deep into his latest film, Phantom Thread. Dress up in your finest ensemble (nothing chic!) and join us as we discuss breakfast, debate the effectiveness of Johnny Greenwood’s lush score, and wrestle with Reynolds Woodcock’s complicated portrayal of masculinity in the wake of the #MeToo movement. PLUS! Find out what beer pairs exceptionally well with Phantom Thread and how this film is exactly like The Lego Batman Movie.


00:05:18 – Review – Phantom Thread
00:21:36 – SPOILERS – Phantom Thread
01:07:54 – Beer Pairing: Breakfast Stout by Founders Brewing Co.
“Broken Smile” – Smokey & the Mirror
01:18:41 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Big Trouble in Little China • TCS-011
The Carpenter Shop

00:00 / 1:13:26

or: The Important Thing With Tank Tops is Layering

Chris & Jacob climb aboard the Pork-Chop Express as Kurt Russell re-teams with John Carpenter – this time as a mindless motor-mouthed truck driver in Big Trouble in Little China! While out on the long haul, The Dudes pick up a drifter named Maxx Crawford and offer him a ride in exchange for his six demon bag full Big Trouble knowledge. This comedy-thriller-kung fu movie is a certified cult classic, but how does it stack up against the rest of the Carpenter cannon?

PLUS! Chris pairs with Big Trouble with a beer guaranteed to make you feel kinda invincible, Maxx confesses to watching the same movie every day for the past months and tells us all about his college roommate, Dirt, and The Dudes face the toughest Class of the Carpenter challenge to date with an all-out Kurt Russell Tussle.


00:03:25 – Review – Big Trouble in Little China
00:56:01 – Beer Pairing: Pappy Burleson by Anthem Brewing Company
“Banana Ghost” – Man Man
01:01:04 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 78 – The Darjeeling Limited
War Starts at Midnight

00:00 / 1:14:32

or: The Estuary Between Order and Chaos

Jacob ranks The Darjeeling Limited at the tippy top of Wes Anderson’s filmography and Chris ranks it dead last. Can we convince our co-hosts to reassess their respective positions on the Whitman brothers’ futile quest for enlightenment? PLUS! Get your fix of really rad recommendations, Chris’s Darjeeling beer pairing, and a full ranking of every Wes Anderson film to date (sans the ones mentioning Isles or Dogs in the title).


00:06:39 – Review – The Darjeeling Limited
01:01:27 – Beer Pairing: Alpha Hive by COOP Ale Works
“Strangers (The Kinks Cover)” – Escondido
01:06:04 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Starman • TCS-010
The Carpenter Shop

00:00 / 51:51

or: BRB, Going to Write a Kurt Russell vs. Jeff Bridges Western

Jacob & Chris embark on a death-defying cross-country journey to discuss one of the biggest outliers in John Carpenter’s canon – Starman!


00:07:19 – Review – Starman
00:37:52 – Beer Pairing: Texas Honey Cider by Austin Eastcider
Coffee Pairing: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, Koke Co-Op – Broom Wagon Coffee
“Up in the Business” – Dragon Inn 3
00:42:50 – Really Rad Recommendations

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Episode 77 – Black Panther
War Starts at Midnight

00:00 / 50:31

or: Boy, That Escalated Quickly

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Jacob and Chris take a journey into the hidden heart of Africa and climb the vibranium mountain to review Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. Find out if the newest entry in the MCU holds up to the hype and discover what role Chris thinks the superhero film plays in today’s cinematic landscape. *PLUS* we’ve got a delicious beer pairing and some oddly connected Really Rad Recommendations. Wakanda Forever!


00:06:55 – Review – Black Panther
00:21:10 – SPOILERS –Black Panther
00:37:40 – Beer Pairing: Lizard of Koz by Founders Brewing Co.
“Piranha Club” – Man Man
00:40:51 – Really Rad Recommendations

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A great trailer should leave us all longing for more. It can be mysterious or fun, sexy or bad ass – it can be just about anything, as long as it’s engaging.

Earlier this week, I caught the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story before a screening of Black Panther. I was more than a little underwhelmed. For a teaser trailer, it dishes out a whole lot of exposition without delivering much intrigue. This is a film shot by one of the greatest young DPs working today and starring some of the most charismatic actors of our generation. Just put that up on screen. Cut the backstory. We already know who Han Solo is. We don’t need to hear where he came from, and we certainly don’t need the trailer for his brand new stand-alone movie to introduce him to us.

The trailer hints at young Solo’s character arc in the film, and it feels alarmingly familiar. This whole “I grew up a young ruffian with a chip on my shoulder, and now I’m gonna be the greatest pilot there ever was. I’ll show you! I’ll show all of you!” attitude is painfully reminiscent of young James Tiberius Kirk in J.J. Abrams’s 2009 reboot of Star Trek.

I was complaining to my buddy Jason Yang (who happens to be an incredibly talented toy photographer who you should already be following) about my reservations with the trailer when I had a stupid and obvious idea – re-cut Solo with James T. Kirk’s favorite song.

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Escape From New York / L.A. • TCS-009
The Carpenter Shop

00:00 / 1:37:20

or: Ernest Borgnine Looks Like a Puppet from ‘Lazy Town’

The year is 2018. The once vibrant and promising frontier known as The Information Superhighway is now a cesspool of hate and division. Two disgraced podcasters are must venture into the depths of this World Wide Web and recover a Microsoft Zune containing a long-form discussion of John Carpenter’s seminal dystopian classic from 1981, Escape from New York …and its less-revered sequel from 1996, Escape From L.A.


00:09:52 – Review – Escape From New York
00:42:08 – Review – Escape From L.A.
01:19:35 – Beer Pairing: Dreamcrusher Double IPA by Deep Ellum Brewing Company
“Bad Without You” – Escondido
01:23:14 – Really Rad Recommendations

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