Fantasy Movie League


Wanna join our fantasy movie league??!?

What is this ‘Fantasy Movie League’ of which you speak?

Do you love movies, but wish you could spend less time watching them and more time meticulously researching insight into their potential box office performance? Well, you’re in luck! Join us and other Midnight Warriors as we spend fake money and attempt to predict what’ll sweep up at the box office each weekend.

How does it work?

Each week you’re given a $1,000 Bux to fill up to eight movie screens. New releases and movies projected to perform well at the box office cost more than older films and expected flops.

Below are the films for Sept. 16-18th. Though Snowden is a new release for the week, it is still expected to perform worse than two films from the previous week, Sully and When the Bough Breaks, so you can fill three screens with Snowden for less than the price of one screen showing Sully. …Poor JGL.


  1. Pick your lineup.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Oh yeah, and there are four seasons a year:

  • Spring Season – Feb 27 to May 21 (13 weeks)
  • Summer Season – May 23 to Aug 28 (14 weeks)
  • Fall Season – Aug 29 to Nov 27 (13 weeks)
  • Awards Season – Nov 28 to Feb 26 (13 weeks)

Need more rules? Here ya go.

But what if it’s already the middle of the season?…

Who cares. You can’t do worse than us!

How do I join?

Click here. Sign up. That’s it!

Is there an app?

Uh, yeah! The FML app is available for iOS and Android devices.