Oh great, another podcast with two snide jackasses talking about movies!D.W. Griffith

Does the world need another movie podcast? No – it needs this one, dammit! Take one dash of insight, one hint of snark, and a big heaping can of audio-awesomeness and you get “War Starts At Midnight” (look it up, nerd.)


This isn’t your grandma’s podcast because we’re not your grandma. We’re two heartland-based film buffs and we’re here to talk movies and chew bubblegum. And we’re all of out bubblegum.


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Chris Galegar
Co-Host / Producer

Chris is the Egon Spengler of the group.

He’s a true cineaste, conversant in directors whose names you haven’t heard of and you probably can’t even pronounce. His mind is basically the Criterion Collection’s catalog, yet he makes his film knowledge accessible to even the Adam Sandleriest of movie-goers.

You want this guy on your Trivial Pursuit team. Period.

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Jacob Graves

Jacob’s the Toshiro Mifune of our clan. Choose any character he played in any Kurosawa film to complete this metaphor, but Jacob prefers Kikuchiyo from Seven Samurai, solely because of their shared hatred for pants.

When consuming media Jacob loves rules and order. He’s currently burning through the Blu-Ray section at the East Baton Rouge Public Library in alphabetical order. (Please don’t ask him any questions about film beginning with the letter Z just yet.)

Jacob’s been known to defend Armageddon or My Dinner With Andre with equal enthusiasm… dependin’ upon present company.

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Hunter Cates
Co-Host Emeritus

Hunter is the heart of the show. The black heart that is.

He has an encyclopedic (or at least Wikipedic) knowledge of $5-dollar bin cinema, and a pun, wisecrack, or one-liner for virtually every situation. Seen Infra-Man? How about The Conquerer? Heart and Souls? Hunter has.

Side note: He wants to be Robert Osborne one day. We don’t like his chances.

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