Turner Classic Tuesday — March 22-28, 2016

Each Tuesday Hunter highlights the best classic films airing in the coming week on TCM.

Wowza! This week features two of my all-time favorite movies, plus a pretty magnificent remake of one of them.


Tuesday, March 22
Lawrence of Arabia is one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen David Lean’s desert epic, that is a “War Crime” of the greatest offense. All I can say is “No Prisoners!” 
Wednesday, March 23
 Holy crap, it’s another one of my favorite movies just a few hours later! Seven Samurai is about as awesome an action movie as it gets. And you get to read subtitles and feel smart too! 
Thursday, March 24
Jeez TCM, slow down! In a world without Seven Samurai, its American remake The Magnificent Seven would be an all-time classic…and hell, it pretty much is anyway! Oh, and it stars Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen and Eli Wallach and Charles Bronson and James Coburn! 

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