Turner Classic Tuesday — January 19-25, 2016

Each Tuesday Hunter highlights the best classic films airing in the coming week on TCM.

Cary Grant. Humphrey Bogart. Ronald Reagan. Who would’ve guessed in 1960 that the latter of those three would wind up the most famous?


Tuesday, January 19
Before there was Leonardo DiCaprio, there was Cary Grant, who was nominated for Best Actor several times but never won. Grant received his first Oscar nomination in Penny Serenade. Directed by the fantastic George Stevens and co-starring the lovely, but tragically forgotten Irene Dunne, Penny is about a couple’s struggles to adopt a child. Pack some tissue. 
Wednesday, January 20
Bogie plays the ultimate Horrible Boss in The Caine Mutiny, a Naval office whose men suspect him of going bonkers. What makes this movie so magnificent is it forces you to confront your biases about who is good and who is bad. 
Thursday, January 21
Small town scandal encourages a young doctor to take up Psychiatry in Kings Row. This film is most notable for featuring what is considered to be Ronald Reagan’s best performance. Reagan would go on to host General Electric Theater in the 1950s, before pledging allegiance to the Soviet Union and fading into obscurity. 

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