Turner Classic Tuesday — April 28 – May 05, 2015

Each Tuesday Hunter highlights the best classic films airing in the coming week on TCM.

Gregory Peck. Orson Welles. Gary Cooper. If you’re a Millennial who needs a primer in how to be a man, this week’s lineup is a great start.


Wednesday, April 29
A social commentary movie back before every movie had to make a social commentary. It’s Elia Kazan’s 1948 Academy Award-winning Gentleman’s Agreement, starring Gregory Peck in an Oscar-nominated performance.
Friday, May 01
If you haven’t seen Citizen Kane, you’re on the wrong blog. If you haven’t seen Orson Welles’ followup The Magnificent Ambersons, well, now’s your chance.
Saturday, May 02
Are you a sucker for memorable movie speeches? They don’t come much better than Gary Cooper’s as Lou Gehrig in The Pride of The Yankees. Get ready to cry some tears…manly tears.

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